Audit of regional health systems

According to the initiative of the Health Ministry of the Russian Federation the Federal Research Institute for Health Organization and Informatics will launch the  “Audit of regional health systems” project in 2021. Being a leader in the field of healthcare organization the Institute will check healthcare system management in all regions of the RF; arrangement of regional healthcare ministries; the chiefs of regional excusive authorizes in health sector; and  patients’ routing.

The stages of the Audit will include the cameral assessment of public health and healthcare systems indicators.

Within the frames of Audit the Federal Research Institute for Health Organization and Informatics will be engaged in assessing  the demographic situation, the basic indicators of population health (primary and  general morbidity, mortality), primary health care (including day hospitals), accessibility of PHC, organization of inpatient care, assessment  of hospital bed sufficiency, organization of emergency care, assistance to mothers and children, situation with medical personnel (physicians and nurses), the level of informatization.

To provide more detailed analysis, the on-site check will be carried out with using specially developed check-lists. The analysis of health care organization in individual profiles will be carried out by Research medical information centers.

The main objective of Audit is to identify the points of inefficiency and the main problems in organization of health care. The result of the work will be development of the proposals to eliminate these problems and the Strategy for healthcare development in the subjects of the Russian Federation.  

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