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Russian Research Institute of Health

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For more than 20 years, the Institute has been developing the scientific foundations to implement the state policy in healthcare; it is also engaged in scientific substantiation for development of population health protection system, organization and informatization of the healthcare system. The Institute is the coordinating center for three federal projects – cardiovascular diseases control, cancer control, and development of the export of medical service.

The Institute substantiates scientifically not only the strategic directions of healthcare system development, but also prepares practical recommendations (programs, methodology, regulations) and options for management decisions. The Institute is responsible for developing new forms of organization of various types of medical care and management methods; for example, it is engaged in developing information systems and models of current and long-term targets for healthcare facility management on the base of system analysis and modern computer technologies. The Institute participates in introducing the results in practice by developing the relevant regulatory documents.

The tasks of the Institute also include scientific substantiation of personnel health policy, studying the trends in changes in composition, structure and population provision with medical workers. The Institute provides all types of postgraduate specialists’ training according to its profile (training in residency, postgraduate studies, and doctoral studies).

A separate direction of the Institute activity is medical statistics. The Institute participates in health demographic and social hygienic studies of population health status and population reproduction in various regions of Russia. The Institute collects, processes, and analyses statistical data.

Finally, Institute’s important activity is cooperation with Russian and international organizations in conducting joint research and exchange experience in the area of healthcare organization and informatization.

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