Methodological accreditation and simulation center

The Center conducts organizational and methodological support of the accreditation procedure for specialists in the specialties "Health Organization and Public Health", "Nursing Management". It provides scientific, methodological and expert advice in organizing the accreditation procedure.

The tasks of the Center include: development of control and measuring materials (evaluation tools) - test tasks, situational tasks (clinical mini-cases), simulation scenarios for accreditation in the specified specialties. It forms and updates the Unified base of assessment tools for accreditation in the amount of at least 10% annually. It prepares proposals for inclusion in the Register of experts for assessing the quality of evaluation tools, Register of accredited persons, Register of members of accreditation commissions. The center participates in the organization of the procedure for accrediting specialists in the Central Research Institute of Healthcare and Information Technologies.

Тел.: +7 (495)-618-29-13, доб. 329
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