Approbation Council

The Approbation Council of the Institute (AC) is a key link before the defense of the dissertation: it evaluates the degree of readiness of the applicant’s work for a scientific degree and decides on admission to defense. In the course of approbation, members of the AC, other researchers and specialists of the Institute identify shortcomings in the work, give recommendations for their correction, thereby ensuring a high level of defended dissertations.

A preliminary examination is carried out for those dissertations that are included in the research plan approved by the Academic Council of the Institute, or the organization where the work on the dissertation was carried out, or to which the applicant was attached. The results of approbation are documented in a protocol, which notes comments on the content and design of the dissertation, questions and answers, speeches of reviewers and other members of the council. At one meeting, no more than two dissertation papers are considered.

Meetings of the Council are held every second Monday of the month in the presence of the chairman or his deputy, or the secretary.

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