Department of Higher and Additional Education

The Institute conducts training in the specialty "Organization of health care and public health" in medical residency and postgraduate program, and also provides additional education services.

The residency is open in the specialty "Organization of health care and public health», the training for it has been conducted since 2004. Admission to the program is conducted annually, both for state-funded openings and self-financing ones.

 Training of highly qualified personnel (third level of higher education) is carried out in the postgraduate department in the specialty "Public health and health care", which has been open since 2004. Since 2014, it has been renamed (32.06.01) "Medical and Preventive Care"(32.06.01). Admission to the postgraduate program is held annually.

Location to submit documents for admission: Moscow, st. Dobrolyubova, 11, 2nd floor, department of higher and additional professional education.

Admissions office phones: +7 (495) 618-31-83, ext. 227, 249, 294

Email mail:

The Institute also conducts advanced training and retraining of specialists with higher medical education in the specialty "Organization of health care and public health" and other educational programs.

Currently, in the Russian Federation, in accordance with Article 69 of the Federal Law No. 323 "On Fundamental Healthcare principles in the Russian Federation", measures are being taken to switch to continuous medical education (CME): from professional certification of health workers to the accreditation of specialists with the mandatory presentation of professional competencies - passing an objective structured clinical examination. The introduction of the new system of admission to work in the specialty is carried out in stages.

Forms of accreditation of specialists and stages of implementation:

Primary (basic) accreditation of graduates of medical universities with a degree in "Dentistry" and "Pharmacy" has been carried out since 2016, for graduates with degrees in "General Medicine", "Pediatrics", "Preventive Medicine", "Medical Biochemistry", "Medical Biophysics "," Medical Cybernetics "- since 2017.

Primary specialized accreditation of medical specialists - graduates of medical residency and professional retraining program in the specialty "Organization of Health Care and Public Health" started in January 2020.



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